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IBM Cognos Analytics: Author Reports Fundamentals (v11.1.x) J4258G

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Who should attend?

This course is designed for Report Authors.

Course content

In this course, you will see the following course content

  • What is IBM Cognos Analytics - Reporting?
  • The Welcome page
  • Consume report content
  • Interactive filtering
  • Working with reports Dimensionally modeled relational data Use personal data sources and data modules
  • Upload personal data
  • Upload custom images
  • Using navigation paths in a data module Examine list reports
  • Group data
  • Format columns
  • Include headers and footers Aggregate fact data
  • Identify differences in aggregation Multiple facts and repeated information
  • Use shared dimensions to create multi-fact queries
  • Present repeated information Add repeated information to reports
  • Create a mailing list report Create crosstab reports
  • Add measures to a crosstab
  • Data sources for a crosstab Create complex crosstab reports
  • Add items as peers
  • Create crosstab nodes and crosstab members Work with crosstab data
  • Format, sort, and aggregate a crosstab Create discontinuous crosstab reports Create visualization reports
  • Visualization categories
  • Customize visualizations
  • Client side visualizations
  • Enhanced map visualizations Focus reports using filters
  • Create filters to narrow the focus
  • Use advanced detail filters
  • Apply a filter with aggregation
  • Use summary filters Focus reports using prompts
  • Examine parameters and prompts
  • Create a parameter for a report item
  • Add a prompt page
  • Add a prompt item to a report
  • Identify a prompt type
  • Create a cascading prompt Use calculations
  • What are calculations?
  • Add Date and Time functions
  • Add string functions
  • Display prompt selections in report titles Customize reports with conditional formatting
  • Three steps for conditional formatting
  • Create a variable
  • Assign the variable to a report object
  • Format based on the conditional value
  • Conditionally render report objects Drill-through definitions
  • Navigate to related data Enhance report layout
  • View the structure of a report
  • Use Guided report layout
  • Force page breaks
  • Create horizontal pagination
  • Modify the report structure
  • Format objects across reports Use additional report-building techniques
  • Enhance a report design
  • Add objects to reports
  • Convert a list to a crosstab
  • Explore reuse

Previous knowledge

  • Knowledge of your business requirements
  • Experience using IBM Cognos Analytics as a consumer